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Closed (for now!) Check back for a reopening mid-2024. 

Thanks for being here! 💖

Please read guidelines thoroughly. Submissions that fail to do so will be deleted without reply. (If you receive no reply within seven months, assume this has occurred.) Respect our time as we do yours! 

Follow us and follow our EIC here. (They followback/support all writers/creatives.) 

We want writing from the gut/heart. 

Paint splatters. Safety pins. Mosh pits.

Healing. Hope. Humanity. 

Mistakes. Misgivings. Misfits. 

Mere shock value has no place here. #OwnVoices strongly preferred. 

We want the mud from which the lotus blooms.

We like pieces with an "untucked shirt." (If you get the reference, this is your scene!) 

We prefer to stay positive, but are decidedly anti-literary/anti-pretentious. We are also anti-scatology. OBVIOUSLY, we are anti-AI.

We want to see writing that lifts women/femmes up!

We are excited to elevate femme/queer voices, though all (within the realms of moral sanity) are welcome. We're especially interested in a feminine perspective w/ edge- that which our EIC has dubbed "femmepunk" in reference to their own work. It's rare to see the two combined, and rarer to find spaces curating those fab femmepunk gems. 


Chris Kraus 

Assata Shakur

Kathy Acker

Elizabeth Smart

Eileen Myles

d'bi Young

Zadie Smith

Helen Oyeyemi 

Judith Katz

Sylvia Plath (her memoir, not her poetry) 

Elise Cowen

Sophie B Watson

Ntozake Shange 

Leslie Feinberg 

Saul Williams 

Joy Harjo 

Tommy Orange

Michelle Tea

Claudia Dey

Zora Neale Hurston

Diane di Prima

Sherman Alexie

Maggie Nelson


(NO: fancy shit, scatology, AI-generated/assisted content, hate speech. <- Including misogyny; misandry is equally uncool.)

Punk Poetry: 

Please submit 1 poem at a time. Non-rhyming/free verse preferred. 

Genres: General, Contemporary, Experimental. 

I iterate: no fancy shit. We do not dig Gothic/Literary poems. Please don't send poems that show off your degree. (We prefer if you don't have one!)

No fancy formatting. No five dollar words. (Or four dollar words!)  

Check out Em Ramser's amazing poem to see what we're looking for. 

Rando prompts: saying "no", black fingernails, your first (or last) tattoo 

Punk Prose: 

PLEASE NOTE: We have recently revised our prose guidelines. Not all previously accepted work will indicate current preferences. 

PLEASE ALSO NOTE: Due to an overwhelming amount of submissions that fail to read or understand these guidelines, we are transitioning out of publishing fiction. Acceptances will be fewer. 

Flash fiction only. Micro-fiction welcome.

We prefer stories that aren't really stories. Is your "story" freakish prosetry, weird musings, raging declarations of independence? Send!  

For "actual" "stories", we like ones where little happens except inside the person's head, whether they're delivering a newspaper or feeling lonely in a moshpit.

Genres: General, Contemporary, Urban, Experimental, Hybrid. 

(Genre fiction will be deleted without reply. This includes if your story starts/ends with a murder.) (And yet, people still send them!) 

Excerpts welcome. 

Jenna Best's flash fiction is a great example of what we want. And B. Hudson's piece, coming out June 3!

Rando prompts: bruised knees, cracked rose quartz, stray cats 

Fierce Features: 

We want your CNF!!! We hardly get any CNF submissions and WE WANT EM! 


reviews, interviews, essays (esp lyrical), op-eds, articles, anecdotes, ramblings, retrospectives, diary entries.


boooooks! (incl chapbooks!!!), feminism, sex work, sexuality (esp LGBTQ and trauma), punk/alt/emo/counter culture, pop culture, nostalgia, mental health, spirituality/new age, healing.

Excerpts welcome. Flash only. (Embrace the challenge!) 

Audacious Art: 

We want your art!!! We're not picky. If it explores punk philosophy, healing, mindfulness, fierce femininity, or anything wonderful and weird, we want to see it! 

Open to mainstream art, too!

Get a gander of Laura Brant's Come Get Some! and Seriously? by Kay Hogan for reference. 

The Music Margins: 

We want your music!!! We hardly get any music submissions and WE WANT EM!  

Send a Bandcamp song link or YT/Vimeo link + a small blurb featuring 1-3 quotable factoids about your band + a photo.

See this feature on LastMinuteHero for an idea of what we need. 

(Press releases with download links etc will be deleted.) 

The Om Zone: 

Put the monk in Punk Monk! 

We want your meditations/distance reiki healings/astro reports/binaural beats!!!  

We do not get nearly enough Om Zone submissions and WE WANT EM! Sooooo badly!

Send your meditation videos/tracks from your YT/Vimeo channel! If you have a website, include the link, too! 

Ready to send? SWEET! 

Email to punkmonkmagazine(at)gmail(dot)com 

Email title: SUBMISSION TYPE- Submission Title by Name you want to be published under (eg: PUNK POETRY- Howl by Allen Ginsberg) 



PASTE in the BODY of your email. Your piece will be published exactly as it was pasted. 


Attach as a PNG or JPG file. 

Reprints/sim subs welcome. 

No multiple submissions. 

If you want to withdraw a submission, please reply to your original email or else we'll lose ya!

We reserve the right to make edits to any work, and serialization rights. You retain all other rights to your work (as it should be.) 

We don't publish bios so please don't send them. We're chill re: cover letters. It's almost always me (C.E. Hoffman) answering emails; calling me by name is super cool. ^.^ (Please stick to gender-neutral greetings!)

If accepted, please don't email going, "Where's my story/poem/etc" the morning of your publication date. Our pubs are automatically scheduled. If it's not up yet, it will be later! You're probably in a different time zone than us. ^.^ 

If accepted, please do share the publication link on Twitter and tag us! We will RT/comment/sing your praises. (This is also true of acceptance tweets!) 

Stay Creative!

All good things, 

PS You matter. 💕

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